I'm Richard E. Brodskyof The Brodsky Law Firm, PL in Miami, Florida

I’m an attorney.

I do securities litigation, SEC investigations, and other kinds of business litigation.

More About Me

I’m a lot closer to 70 than I am to 60.

I love spending time with my wife, my kids, their spouses, and my grandchild.

I love watching sports, writing my blog, reading, and playing golf.


So Why Am I Still Practicing Law?

It's About LOVE.

I Have Always Loved Practicing LawAnd Still Do…As Much As Ever

I love challenges.

I love rigorous thinking.

I love intellectual honesty.

I love hard work.

I love figuring things out.

I love helping people.

I love winning.

I'm a Sole PractitionerI Get to Focus Solely on my Client's Financial Needs

No Fear

Clients hire me to face off against big law firms and the Government.

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Client Focus

No intra-firm politics. No pressure for "hours". Full focus on client's interests.

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I've been listed for years in legal directories of the best business lawyers.

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Time Tested

I have pretty much faced it all.

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I‘m Not Afraid of Contentious Litigationor Contentious People

Next time you -- or one of your clients -- have a serious business problem that needs an experienced trial lawyer, please consider calling me.

Richard E. Brodsky
The Brodsky Law Firm, PL

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4000 Ponce de Leon Boulevard
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